New look, new approach.

With a new, refreshed look, I’m revising the layout and appearance of this blog, as well as the content I’m posting here. Over the past few months particularly, I’ve made significant changes to the tools and services I use, and it warranted a better approach to how I share bits of my life online.

I’m definitely pulling back from sharing on FB, and even my Twitter to an extent – I’ve never been a fan of ad-supported media, and the past few month’s revelations have cemented the feeling (if either of those two sites have brought you here, I encourage you to find any other way to follow this and other sites).

Instead, here’s what I’m going to be doing:

  • I’m refocusing on my portfolio (, the first step of which is relocating/rebranding this blog (check out that new URL).
  • I’m focusing on my passion projects. Between that new mechanical keyboard I’m going to build soon, and my recent foray into film photography (!!!), there’s a few things happening.
  • I’m going to post more regularly on my Flickr. They were recently acquired by SmugMug, which is probably the best news I could have expected for them.

I’m pulling back from the news commentary on this blog. For my opinions on politics and news, I’m probably going to continue (against my own better judgement) on my Twitter (@karankshah). I also continue to spend a ton of time on reddit (/u/karankshah) and Youtube (profile), so there’s no lack of ways to reach out.

That’s all for the moment, but there’s more to come soon!

My D5100, with that new-to-me F5 peaking out behind

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